Mata Tirtha Aunsi – Use of Digital Media

A day long festival, Mata Tirtha Aunsi is being obseved across the Nepal. Nepali Mother’s day also known as “Amako Mukh Herne Din” in Nepali is an auspicious festival celebrated in honor to mother and motherhood. On this day, people go for holy bath and see ones mother’s face by offering sweets, cloths and other gifts to their mothers.

The festival falls on Baisakh 11, 2078 this year according to Nepali calendar whereas April 23, 2021 according to Gregorian calendar.

The festival falls on every new moon day in the month of Baisakh according to lunar or Nepali calendar. People wish their mother’s long life and ask for blessing over the years.

Those who do not have mothers visit Mata Tirtha, a holy place to offer tarpan. It is believed that one can see his/her mother’s face in the pond situated in Mata Tirtha on this day.

Nowdays, the use of internet is growing so as the people wish their mother’s via digital media in case they aren’t with their mother. People often use the online website to purchase the gifts to their mother. They use social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to wish their mothers on Happy Nepali Mother’s Day.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need some facebook cover designs for Amako Mukh Herne Din. Do you provide it for me?

Yes, we provide the facebook cover design for Amako Mukh Herne Din.

How much does it cost for the design of Nepali Mother’s Day web banners?

The cost depends upon the size of the banner and in general it costs about NRs 800 per design. You can have a look at our cost section above or contact us directly.

Do you provide print services too?

Yes, we provide print services for banners.

When is Nepali Mother’s Day 2021?

Nepali mother’s day 2021 falls on April 23, 2021.

When is Amako Mukh Herne Din 2078?

Amako Mukh Herne Din in 2078 falls on Baisakh 11, 2078

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